Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lost and Found

Yesterday, while Sam and Nicole were adventuring on the dock during the big surf; Sam lost his shoe.  It wasn't an expensive shoe or an important shoe, but I decided today we should go look for it since the tide and the wind had both gone down. I think both kids thought I was crazy, but if you don't look you never find.

A walk in the wild surf.

Where is Sam's shoe?  It looks like this trash has been here for a year . . . but maybe not!

Sam can see it, but he's not too sure he wants it back.  It's full of rocks and sea weeds.


With all the wild waves in the last couple of days, when we went for a short walk today, we found two dead jelly fish in the surf. 
This jelly was about 30 cm across and flipped upside down.

This small blue jelly was about 20 cm across.