Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is it?

We came home Monday morning from a trip to the grocery store to this giant insect on our quince tree:

It's not a locust. According to this website:  locusts are a maximum of 3" and this creature was bigger ... much bigger. For reference the leaves fit easily in the palm of my hand and it's longer than the leaves. Any ideas?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Trailer vs Car

On Thursday, the local guardian of our holiday village tried to squeeze his tractor trailer between our parked car and the neighbours boat/boat trailer.  He stopped his tractor long enough to fold in the mirror of our car and then broke the light and dented the front quarter panel of the car with the trailer. We think the supports under the panel are also broken. Cam was inside the house finishing up work for the day when it happened.

On the upside, one of Cam's Turkish colleagues came and helped with translation and filled out the accident report.  We had expected the local Jandarma to attend, but since there were no injuries; they declined.  The guardian very much wanted Cam to assume responsibility for the accident. Cam's car insurance would pay, he said and it would be no problem. Cam did everything he could to indicate that this was not an option. When Cam's colleague showed up, the guardian asked him to secretly fill out the report indicating that Cam was driving.

Cam has an appointment with the dealership to get parts ordered, tomorrow.  The closest dealership is a ninety minute drive from our home and of course he'll have to go at least twice. I have my fingers crossed that repairs will happen quickly and the insurance claim will be processed without a hitch, but this is Turkey. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Pie

We bought a pumpkin at the pazaar.

Sam cut it in half and

pried it open.

I roasted it in the oven for about 90 minutes.

Mmm pie!  but not yet.  First the girls scooped the pulp out of the shell and we let it cool and drain in the fridge for about 30 hours (cause we had other things to do).

Then Nicole made pie dough and Johanna sieved the pumpkin. And together we made 2 - 9" pies, 10 tarts, and a dozen muffins. Cam says it was "pretty good" but we need more practice. LOL!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Road Trip! (To Ephesus!)

We finally made it to Ephesus! It was really cool trip ☺
I thought I'd put together some of my best/most interesting photos.
Our first morning in Selçuk was market day; and it just so happened that the market started right in front of our hotel. It was a great opportunity to practice my street photography skills. 

A street in Selçuk 

 Dad thought this guy was funny;  he's soldering a handle onto a pot between his knees.
 A man and two ladies sit at a little table on the street to eat breakfast.
I was almost run over by the karate kid on the bike. 

A vendor
On the second day of our stay we took a tour. The tour included the house of Mother Mary, Ephesus, and the Temple of Artemus.
As it turns out I didn't take a picture of the actual house....

The House of Mother Mary

 Statue of  Mary on the road to her house. Our guide told us that the statue is neither old, nor gold; if it was gold, it wouldn't still be there ;)

 The Wishing Wall


 Ephesus is seriously the city of cats, there were cats here and there and everywhere! 

Look at all the people! This is Ephesus on a slow day. 

Our guide
I can't remember what building this is.

 The library

 Out side the gates there were people selling genuine fake watches with a straight face.

 Here is a very poor picture of the largest theater in the world.

 Outside the theater; I'd amazing, the farther you get from it the bigger it seems!
 (I didn't realize that I uploaded the crooked photo until now. Oops)

Really old graffiti

Quotes from out Tour Guide:

"If you want to get on the bus, it's the white one." (That's him with the Blue umbrella)

"It's only three hundred years old."

"[talking about Ephesus's prison] It has a great view but no windows."

The Train Museum in Selçuk

Having a little fun. 

 Sam climbing into a train.

 Look we were here!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Selcuk Train Museum

On the way home from Selcuk, we stopped by the train museum. Somebody said "it's better than Ephesus" and it was because we had the freedom to wander around on our own.  We could actually get on to and into some of the trains, including Ataturk's private cars. And finally because of the spotless North American style bathrooms which were important the morning!

Really big cacti.

Really big cacti shaped like a pineapple.

Cam didn't say much but I think he liked this museum a lot!

Erm - not sure if you're allowed to climb on the outside of the trains but Johanna did. So I guess you are.

Full sized round about - my favourite part.

Sam on the move!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Selcuk Bus Tour: Temple of Artemis - Part 5

 The Temple of Artemis is a little worse for invasions and earthquakes.  Thankfully they don't charge admission.  We wandered around took some photos, scowled at the very aggressive vendors and got back in the bus. Worship of Artemis was a big deal in Ephesus and many ancient cities.

Rebuilt column.

Rebuilt column same as before but different people at the bottom.

Turkish Inuksuk?

Relief - we're nearly done!

How do you keep the grass down at famous ancient historical site and wonder of the ancient world?  Goats of course.