Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going Home?

It's hard to know where home is right now. Are we going home today or leaving home?  Either way there are things I am looking forward to and things I will miss.

I will miss:

My mom.  We've spent loads of time together this summer.  I am very grateful.

Hanging with my brothers.

My girlfriends - especially the laughter and the heart connection.

Singing worship songs to Jesus in a larger group.  While we do this as a family, I will miss the large group experience.

Crisp cool fall mornings and evenings.

My crockpot.

The clothes dryer.  Push the button and thirty minutes later clothes will be dry.

I am looking forward to:

Fresh fruits and vegetables from the market.

The feeling of accomplishment when I use a new Turkish word or phrase and a Turk understands!

The ever changing ocean view from the table where I eat breakfast.

Mercimek soup. Yum.

A full time husband.  Cam and I chat on he phone everyday, but it is not the same.