Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Field Trip to the hospital

This afternoon, Nicole turned up after her workout with some rather distressing symptoms.  So the second time she told me she couldn't see anything I called Cam.  He turned up at the house followed shortly by his colleague Ilhan.  By then, all of Nicole's symptoms had subsided, but we decided better safe than sorry and off we went to the "big" hospital in Kesan.

On the way I called our Insurance provider and played twenty questions.  I was very grateful I had the foresight to write down her symptoms in order of occurrence.  

Ilhan took us to the emergency department.  It was a narrow hallway with an admitting desk on one side and two curtained cubicles behind.  Ilhan explained the problem to a man behind the desk and we were ushered immediately into one of the cubicles (Cam, Ilhan, Nicole and I).  The same fellow followed us in and checked Nicole's blood pressure, then a doctor came.  I was excited because he greeted us in English, but his English was as limited as my Turkish.

The doctor ran a few more rudimentary tests, and spent a long time reassuring Ilhan that Nicole was fine and we could come back if there were more problems.  He made no notes, didn't ask her name and charged us nothing for the visit.

We aren't planning a second visit of course, but we were very relieved the way this visit worked out. To  quote Ilhan "Thanks be to God".

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  1. Well that ended better than the title of the blog post suggested :) We are thankful too that everything went well for all, hugs to you all and tell Nicole to take it easy on those workouts.