Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Nothing says Happy New Year at the Tuesday market like a display of red undies!

One day early in the month some war ships gathered in the bay to practice shelling things.  

Johanna and I had a mother/daughter lunch at the mall in Tekirdag.  

We helped Sam celebrate his 13th birthday.

The municipality of Gelibolu  has been hard at work making beautiful new sidewalks this month.
Turkish drivers are obviously pleased.


  1. Yes, there is nothing like the Pazar. The vendors of unmentionables will often offer fitting advice 8o0. Other vendors may wrap their wares around their head to protect from the sun. Odd to see a guy with a T-shirt on his head.... On the other hand, the produce is good and the variety of goods available may range from fruit and veggies through clothing and cloth odds and sods to tools and electrical parts, depending on who shows up.....

  2. As I tell the kids now and then, the car parked on the new sidewalk is just #79,999 of the 101,000 things we see here on a regular basis that make no sense to us.