Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fabric at the market

Going to the Tuesday market is a bit of a treat (for me at least) because it's bigger and as a result, has a larger variety of vendors. One of my favourite tables sells fabric remnants. I love to sew, so it's probably no surprise that I find it enormously fun to dig through tangled mounds of fabric.
It can be quite frustrating though, you can never find the same fabric twice, and you can't always find (enough of) what you want. I guess that's what makes it so interesting. 
For the past few weeks I've been looking for a certain fabric for one of my cosplays. Today I finally found it, it even looks to be about the right size (double score!!); I also found some blue fabric that I really love. All together it's probably about five or six meters of fabric, I hope you can imagine how excited I was when my purchases came to a grant total of 6TL or $3 Canadian. 
Living here is not totally bad. ;)

- Nicole 

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