Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday, June 7 Aydin to Saros Home

Friday we left Aydin and headed for Tire.  My Internet and guide book research had left the impression that Tire's large Tuesday market has on offer many hand crafted metal and felt items from local artisans. With fingers crossed we  hoped that the Friday market would be just the same.  Contrary to my research, however, there was no Friday market at all. Instead of rambling through the market stalls, we headed directly for the feribot at Lapseki and home.

We arrived back at our seaside house about 5:30 pm. In the time we were away, Cam drove more than 3200 kilometres: Saros to Ankara, Ankara to Konya, Konya to Cappadocia, Cappadocia to Silihili, Silihili to Aydin, Aydin to Saros. During this period the Gezi Park protests blossomed from a local protest in Taksim Square in Istanbul to a nationwide disturbance, but, we saw no unrest.  Cam visited three drilling rigs and had three other work related appointments during this time. While he was working, the kids and I put many miles on our sandals, eating with the locals, and rubbing shoulders with other tourists.We enjoyed our time together in Cappadocia, knowing that it was a chance of a life time to make some amazing memories.  We had a couple of close calls with horses and ATVs, but never came to harm.

We were home for just a week.  Long enough to do laundry and repack our bags for our return to Canada. Cam was particularly busy during this period, compiling his research from the trip, and preparing the turn over of local operations.

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