Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3 Cappadocia

We shopped in the morning.  We were quite taken with the local pottery we saw.  The kids and I each had an opportunity to make a pot with the help of a master potter.  The kids really enjoyed their experience and are anxious to work with clay again.

We watched one of the masters make the round part of this Hittite wine jug.  It was amazing to watch him form this hollow ring shape out of a lump of clay. With a full size jug, you put the ring over your arm and carry and pour from the shoulder. 

Afterwards, we went to Derinkuyu, one of many underground cities in the region.  This one had eight underground levels with rooms for stables, kitchens, sleeping quarters, a church with a baptismal font, a school and tombs.  The kids and I visited all but the tombs on the very lowest level.

Going inside out of the heat.

After you've paid your entrance fee, they warn folks with health issues that they should stay out.  Crafty!

Listening to our guide.

Airs shaft or a well (I can't recall)

I worried a bit about the power going out as it does in Turkey.

Sam going down into the baptismal font so I can take his picture.

Posing !

Some of the openings weren't very big.

They told us this was a school room.  Obviously the walls and ceiling have been reinforced recently.

There were large round rocks in special niches which could be rolled to close doorways. This kept enemies out of the underground passages.  Sam's giving this one a big push - but it didn't budge. According to our guide, it takes four people to roll the stone closed and ten people to open it.

Standing in the church which consisted of two intersecting domed passges - shaped like a cross of course.

The school room from a different angle.

Sam in the baptismal font.

The school room.
 After being underground, the outside temperatures were unbearable.We stopped for a cool drink and then did some shopping at the tourist market along the street.

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