Saturday, November 16, 2013

Buying Cheese

We've been buying cheese from the same guys for two years. "Guys" consists of Baba, Thunder (the only one who will use his English), and two other brothers. Buying cheese has never been boring, but now it's getting down right silly.

Thunder always greets us with a huge smile, and an enthusiastic "Hello!" And then promptly cuts us all cheese samples. If Dad isn't with us, Thunder asks about him while he gets our cheese order ready.
What's really amusing is that Dad is Baba's special friend.  Baba always makes it a point to rush over and shake Dad's hand, and pinch Sam's cheek.
I think Thunder recently learned the English phrase "I love you." He has been using it with great enjoyment. (For the past three weeks he waves goodbye and says "I love you!")

Last week, Thunder gave us some bread and butter (the butter was REALLY good). So this week we decided to get some more. Mom wanted me to take a picture of the wooden container that the butter was in. It looked to be wooden and we thought it was kinda cool. Thunder and company caught me taking pictures and eagerly rose to the occasion.

 Getting us butter

 From left: Thunder, Johanna, Sam, and Baba


Dad, Sam and Baba

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