Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mr Breadhead or roadside vendors

I have mentioned what different sights can be seen on the roadside or street corners.  I have also mentioned street vendors hawking their wares to traffic at lights.  In the city of Istanbul, there are vendors selling toys, flowers for the ladies, snacks, and bottled water.  I finally got a picture of Mr Breadhead hawking his wares at the stop light in Kesan.
There are 3 intersections and a traffic circle with lights coming through the big smoke at Kesan. I have seen up to 6 vendors selling bread at them. The bread they're selling looks like an over sized bagel, except it is baked only instead of being boiled first, so it is not tough like shoe leather or like a bagel.  Most are crusted with sesame seeds.

The one time I tried a piece of bread at a light, it was stale and virtually inedible. This bread is actually quite good if you can get it fresh like right out of the oven in the bazaar.

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