Thursday, April 5, 2012

Testudo Graeca (maybe)

We think this is a Testudo Graeca or a Spur-thighed tortoise. Nicole found this one and then came back to the house to show us where it was. There are lots in our neighbourhood right now.  Spring is in the air and they are out and about feeding and looking for relationships.  Today while turtle hunting Nicole found a snake for Johanna and I to look at. I've never seen one in the wild before.  They can move very fast.  Thankfully this one, a glossy brown specimen (2' long and 1.5" in diameter) turned tail and slithered at high speed into the underbrush, rather than reaching out to one of us! Of course I left the camera at home.


  1. Cool! Your nature walks in Turkey will be so much more exciting than the ones here in Alberta. Who finds a turtle in the neighborhood around here? :o)

  2. I just want to scrapbook this page!! Great pics!