Sunday, April 29, 2012

Working With Dad

Since Dad has been working 12 hour days lately and we only have one car; it has been slightly challenging to find time to go get groceries. Yesterday, Dad picked us up on his lunch break and took us out for lunch and grocery shopping. There was a short conversation at lunch and we decided that I would go with Dad to the rig site after we got groceries. So once we got home I ran around and got a hat and sunscreen and off we went! We were there roughly from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. And while we were there we both got to drive the bulldozer and the excavator!

This is Dad in the excavator with the guy who was running it.

Dad getting into the bulldozer....

Me running the excavator!

and Me figuring out the dozer controls with the operator

That was VERY cool. I didn't think I would ever drive a bulldozer.

Driving the bulldozer was easier than I thought. I had never thought about how hard it would be to move an excavator....


  1. Wow! That would be quite the experience. You are going to have a whole new skill set to use when you come to work at the Ranch again. :o)

  2. What's difficult to see in the last photo is the HUGE smile on her face!