Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Everybody has an angle.

After the Hagia Sophia we stopped for a drink and bite to eat (pop/water and fries).  The tables were covered by umbrellas so we were out of the sun and then out of the rain when it rained. Afterwards we paused on the corner so I could take a photo of this cool tree. (above)

A man approached us and asked if we were from America.  He was very friendly and spoke excellent English. He began by telling us he was visiting Turkey from Florida where he's lived with his American wife for 24 years.  They brought their neighbours who were touring the Topkapi Palace. He names all the places in Canada he's been and tells he knows more about our country than we do. (Hmm.) Then he takes a phone call. When he's finished, he says he's building a house in Turkey and by the way we should really buy Turkish carpets while we're here. Would we like some tips on buying Turkish carpets?  (Well ok but we've bought carpets.) So he tells us to buy wool and naturally dyed carpets. (OK well nice to meet you ... but we have carpets and today we are visiting the sites.)  Then he starts again.  We could come to his shop.  It's twenty minutes away and he could show us what to buy and it won't take very long and ... (Unhuh)

Cam and I gave each other "the look", politely said no thank you and walked away. Maybe he had an American wife, visiting neighbours and a house under construction, and maybe not.
As Cam says "Everybody has an angle".

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