Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Mosque and Dinner Under the Galata Bridge

People watching on the steps of the Yeni (new) Mosque eating dondurma (ice cream).
Beside us kiosks selling bird food for the pigeons.
Under the Galata Bridge a few minutes later.  Lots of fishers above us.
Restaurants on the lower level of the Galata Bridge.
These are the fish we have which one would you like to eat?
Nicole and I shared fish caserole.  THE BEST THING I've eaten since I got here.
Johanna and Cam shared grilled fish - seemed more fried than grilled Cam said.
Sam chose kofte (mixed meat patties) often served with rice pilav.

Sam ordered Baklava for dessert and shared his last two bites with ME!

The restaurant owner sent one of the waiters with us to organize two cabs back to our hotel when our meal was finished.  The fellow offered to take one of our beautiful daughters off our hands.  Good thing he was talking to Cam who gave him a reasoned reply (NO!).  I might have punched him.

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