Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Topkapi Palace

A double door and a room filled with guards will keep the ancient riff raff out.

The guard beside the tree has an automatic weapon to keep the modern riff raff under control.

Hagai Irene - Holy Peace The first church built in Constantiople - in the courtyard of the Palace.

Some trees you just can't kill.

A line up to get into the rooms.

Every good fortress is on the top of a hill.  Topkapi is no exception.

The library.  No books in sight but what a marvelous room for reclining with a good book. Unfortunately that wasn't an option because the area was roped off.

The light in the library.

On our way out - mom why do you keep stopping?
The Topkapi Palace was our second stop on Wednesday September 19.  The Palace consists of a number of buildings which were used for public government meetings and for the private use of the family.  Inside the walls there is a large green space.  We looked inside some of the buildings and were able to view a number of the Palace’s collections which include furniture, jewels, and swords. On display in one room was the stunning 86 carat Spoonmaker’s diamond.  It was found in a rubbish heap according to the tale and exchanged for 3 spoons in the market place.  Photography was limited in some of the rooms and forbidden in others so my photos consist primarily of exteriors.  In one set of rooms there are many Muslim artifacts linked to Mohammed, including some of his clothes, his sword, and hair. In this same set of rooms we saw David’s sword, Moses’ staff, Abraham’s saucepan,  Joshua’s turban and John the Baptist’s arm bone (in a metal glove) and skull. I had no idea these kind of relics were on display anywhere.  If you’d like to see pictures; Google “Topkapi” and the items by name and you’ll find amazing pictures. If we have a chance to go again, I'd pay the extra cost and see the Hagai Irene and the Harem (private quarters for the family).

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