Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Upside

If been doing more than my fair share of whining on the blog since we got home (aka back to Turkey)! So I thought I should share some photos from our last week or so.  We've been enjoying the water!  It's a refreshing change on a hot day. Yes it really is that blue and uncrowded.

There is a designated swimming area near our house.  It sits at the end of a long dock.  The dock is often filled with sun worshipers, but not on this day. Turks don't seem to have the same sick body consciousness that is prevalent in N.A.  On a hot day, women of all ages and sizes are in the water and lounging on the dock in bikinis and one piece suits. 

The water is over our heads in places, and shallow enough to touch the bottom in others.  It doesn't gradually slope, because the bottom is littered with what seems to be the foundations of old buildings; our very own lost city of Atlantis.


This truck rolled into the lane beside our house today selling farm fresh watermelon and tomatoes (the size of baseballs). I had just enough time to snap this photo, before he backed out and tried to drum up some business elsewhere.  I bought a small watermelon in the market for the grand price of 1.5 tl., unfortunately it wasn't even worth that small price, so I won't be buying another one soon.

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