Friday, May 25, 2012

Language Lessons

Sam was asked the other day what his name was by a waiter.  He didn't respond.  Why didn't you tell him your name Sam?  Because he didn't say "Adiniz ne?" Sam said.  The Turk actually asked him what his name was in English. Sam was concentrating on remembering his Turkish, so he missed the question!

The kids and I went to the candy store to buy yirmi lira (20 tl) worth of candy. Cam gave the cash to Johanna so she handled the transaction.  Unfortunately, the shopkeeper didn't understand what she wanted.  Anxious to make the sale, he went out of the store and returned moments later with another shopkeeper. Unfortunately the other man spoke German not English. But it worked out ok because I remembered the Turkish word for "and"; so we could buy two different kinds of candy. And the German speaking fellow and I had a laugh because I could say "no German", in Turkish but couldn't buy candy!

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  1. Your blog is nice and interesting :)
    ps: I would like the flag of your beautiful country on my website :))
    thank you