Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Turkish Day In The Life Of Johanna

My day starts when my Touchpad alarm goes off at 7 although I'm usually already awake :\

Then it's hanging in my room and downstairs for breakfast, which usually consists of toast and jam or Chokella or cereal

Then at 9ish Sam comes downstairs and turns on Tom and Jerry

Then at about 9:13 it's Bakugan. Nicole and I sometimes wander off during this one since it's got a predictable boring plot (to us anyway, although I find it interesting to watch sometimes.) 

Then, Hip hip Hooray! It's Star Wars the Clone Wars!
Yes my new favourite show.

Then it's time for school. In random order(since that's how I do it) I do;

Rosetta Stone Turkish Level 1

Math. Except I am now done.......


and Canadian Government
Next up. Lunch. which is usually pretty casual, sandwiches, cheese, soup, simple stuff

In the afternoon I pretty  much do as I please;


Going for walks through the community with Nicole.

Taking pictures (yes that is a turtle crossing the road. we will not get into that discussion)

Swimming (sorry no picture)
Chores (Likewise)
Computer play
and other such thrilling and not so thrilling 'stuff'.

Then it's supper time.

 After supper we chat our friends on Skype and Gmail, draw, play on the Internet, play board or card games, watch movies, or watch TV.
 Then off to bed for another day.



  1. I still think that is a creepy picture of me...

  2. Me thinks that it would be interesting studying the government :) (But what if we want to get into the discussion of THE TURTLE crossing the road? ;)