Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Waking up in Turkey

Mosque view in Ankara
At 5:05 am yesterday, I woke to daylight and the first of  five calls to prayer. Although we have no mosque or camii in our community we can clearly hear the call which may come from the mosque at Korukoy. The call is broadcast from a recording through a loudspeaker at the top of the turret of the mosque. After the call concludes, the roosters begin to crow. A couple of people in the village keep chickens. The roosters might belong to the lady, who also keeps milking goats. It's not a bad way to wake up, but a little early for my liking!

This link has a transcript (in English) of the call to prayer: I've looked at a couple of sites and there is some variation from site to site but you'll get the general idea.

This link: The Right Way to Pray describes the washing required before prayer and with pictures shows how the prayers are performed and what is said.

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