Friday, May 11, 2012

My turn

Yesterday I went to work with Dad
we didn't leave until 1 PM

 When we got to the camp Melih and Serkan (two of the few guys at Dad's work I know) were trying to repair the pump in the picture above. Some one broke the starter rope.

The wind was blowing hard enough that the four hooks on the crane started to clank together. Dad called them our own personal wind chimes.

 Not much happened for quite awhile after that... we were waiting for some trucks to show up with the camp buildings. So dad told stories and discussed work stuff with Melih and Serkan and I did my best to keep up with the conversation.

 Once a couple of trucks arrived things started to happen in quicker succession. The unit being placed in the picture above is the washroom.

The yellow crane in this photo was a newer crane that was loading the camp units at the old camp.

This is one of the sleeper cars. There are three separate rooms which are supposed to hold two people each. Not the most spacious of quarters.

These pictures are from the last time I went to work. they were loading the container with supplies that they will be taking to the rig site. (this time around there was another container directly in front of the doors so they couldn't be opened) Notice that all except one of the guys are wearing the same hat :)

Safety Sandals
Don't recall who was wearing these they amused Dad no end.

Gopher wood
These are trees that line part of the road on the way to the rig sites, they are acacias, also known as gopher wood. They have a lot of branches and are pretty small, I can't imagine building an ark out of them but the Turks don't have many large trees so maybe these are immature.

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