Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day 2012 - Part Three

We stopped at a picnic park between the Museum and Anzac Cove on our way home.  Turns out it's a "pay as you picnic" spot.  There are many picnic tables and a beautiful beach and although we didn't patronize it there seemed to be a cay (tea) house as well.  It's a perfect antidote to the "war down the road". It cost 10 TL for the privilege of stopping, but it was a nice break before we came home.

They also had a little area where the there was info about the Galipolli Peace Park.
 The rules
 A list of foreign cemeteries in the park
A list of Turkish cemeteries in the park
Picnic tables, snacks and beggars

A pier and two Canadian girls.

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