Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day 2012 - Part One

In Canada, we remember our war dead on November 11th.

Yesterday, (November 10) we watched War Horse after supper. It follows a horse and his boy through their World War I experiences. 

This morning, Sam gathered us up for two minutes of silence at 11 a.m.

After lunch Cam drove us to Kabetepe in the Gallipoli Peace Park. There we visited the newly opened/renovated Canakkale Destani Tanitim Merkezi (Museum).  This is a huge museum with a lot of empty interior space. Admission was 10 TL per person.  They have about 10 display cases showing artifacts from the WWI campaign which made the region famous.  They also have a 60 minute audio/visual program in 13 different rooms.  This program puts you on board a ship laying mines in the Dardenelle Strait, in the trenches and in gun batteries on shore.  Some of the program is in 3D.  We were recognized from our arrival as English speakers and given head phones with English audio for the program.  The head phones worked well and the staff was very attentive ensuring that everything was in working order.  The program was excellent.  It gave an overview of the battle for the Dardenelles and the peninsula.

Little people REALLY big wall.

Random Stranger...Not sure where the stairs go but the museum entrance is to the right.

Walkin' the walk.

Big space.  Not much to see.

Shell casings and water canteens.

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