Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wet Wipes

Turkish people are by nature often quite fastidious. They do not like their hands to be dirty. Turkish
people also like gadgets. Restaurants cater to this by giving out wet wipes at the end of a meal. The
wipes are packaged in various ways. The packaging is typically covered with the restaurant’s name and logo and possibly advertising for an associated business.

The most unique hand wipe we’ve seen so far came in a little puck. The top paper cover was broken and the liquid surrounding the cloth absorbed the liquid and swelled up out of the package dramatically.

Here it is unopened
Press down on the center
Keep pushing
The wipe in side will expand
Good, now take it out

And wipe your hands/face

And then put it back on top of the hockey puck it came in

These are wipes from different restaurants

In most restaurants, a waiter will also stand by the door and squirt a few drops of
scented water (?) into your hands as you leave.

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