Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20 to June 7 Let's Spend the Weekend in Ephesus or Not

This post covers the period of May 20 - June 7.  It's an overview just so we remember how things all fell into place.

Monday, May 20th Cam finished a long arduous project and said "Let's spend the weekend in Ephesus." I began to look for hotel rooms. Before I could find a hotel which had room for us, Cam said "I can't get the car in for service until next week. I should get the tires replaced. Let's go next weekend."  Whew I think - breathing room and possibly I'll be able to find rooms in Selcuk (near Ephesus) after all!

Tuesday, May 21st Before I can get the rooms booked,  Cam says, "I have to go to Konya next week after the car service.  It's close to Cappadocia. Would it be OK if we went there next weekend?"  "Dream come true," I say.  At least I hope I said that, because I was pretty cool with the idea.  Before I can get the rooms booked, Cam suggests we ask the office administrator who is booking our rooms in Konya to help us find rooms in Cappadocia. She's a real gem and is happy to help.  Soon she's found us a hotel in Konya and another one in Cappadocia.

Tuesday, May 21st is also the day that I find out after 4 months of waiting that I can book our flights home to Canada! We had planned, in February, to leave Turkey, May 31; spend a week in Rome (ROME!!) and then head home to Canada. We were all very excited.  Because all of our permits for Turkey expire in mid June, we were told by TPTB* to change our plans. Tuesday, I learned that there is some sort of a hang up with the renewal of Cam's work visa and by extension our residence permits. We have grudging approval to book flights.

Wednesday, May 22nd My birthday!  I sit up late playing email tag with a Canadian corporate travel agent who has booked Cam on the right flight on the wrong day and hasn't paid attention to the billing instructions I gave her.  The flights aren't booked until they're paid for, so we email each other a lot.  Finally everything is sorted out and I go to bed; of course I have trouble sleeping. 

Monday, May 27th I'm the first one out of bed.  I'm scrolling through Facebook, when my niece messages me. I call her in Canada and get the news that my mother has broken her hip, made noise enough for neighbours to come to her rescue and is in hospital.

This is the same day, Cam and I have to travel to Canakkale (40 minutes drive+20 minutes ferry+5 minute taxi ride) to ING BANK, which moved it's branch from Gelibolu (20 minutes drive from our house) to Canakkale without notice some months back.  They took all their ATM's with them when they went.  Our plan is to transfer all funds out of this branch to different banks. We arrive about 10:45 am and finally leave about 4 pm.  The staff was beyond unhelpful.  English speaking telephone banking (not toll free) wasn't much better.  A couple of nosy strangers with English enough to intervene helped us out. The upside of this day, was that I got the comfort of my husband while I sat and fretted about my mom and wondered if I should go home sooner rather than later. I'd prayed earlier in the day and got two impressions: "my timing is perfect" and "I will carry you". Although we discussed how it would work if I went home sooner, I decided the best course of action was to wait and see.

Tuesday, May 28th The news from Canada was reasonably positive. My mom was alert and able to give the doctor instructions. The hospital put her on call for surgery, so we left for Corlu just after 8 am  While Cam went to the car service appointment, the kids and I went to Orion Mall.  He picked us up from there about 4 pm and we headed to Ankara via Istanbul. We got to the Park Hotel in Ankara about 11 pm.  It took the staff, who knew we were coming an hour to drum up bedding for the cot and the pull out couch the kids were using.  Sam fell asleep in our bed and Johanna ended up sleeping on the floor.

Wednesday, May 29 Ankara to Hich Hotel Konya

Thursday, May 30 Konya  Cam to work

Friday, May 31 Konya to Cauvusin (Cappadocia) Village Cave Hotel

Saturday, June 1 Cappadocia Balloon Ride and Dervish Ceremony

Sunday, June 2 Four hour ATV Tour in the morning  Two hour Horse Back tour in the afternoon

Monday, June 3 Shopping in the morning Derinkoyu Underground City in the afternoon. Cam finds out he has 2 more business appointments between Cappadocia and home. 

Tuesday, June 4 Cappadocia to Silhili (near Izmir) Hotel Lidya Sardes

Wednesday, June 5 Silhili Cam to work. The kids and I to the pool.

Thursday, June 6 Silhili to Aydin Park Hotel Cam to work. The kids and I to the mall.  Kids go to see Epic.

Friday, June 7 Aydin to home

*The Powers That Be

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