Saturday, May 25, 2013

Only in Turkey - a quiz

1) What kinds of merchandise is sold in a Wool Shop in Turkey?

a) wool and knitting needles
b) Anchor DMC embroidery floss
c) sewing supplies
d) patches and other embellishments
e) fabric
f) women's lingerie
g) beads
h) all of the above
i) none of the above
2) Pretend you are a small business owner with deliveries to make. You need to transport a 2cuft cardboard carton, 20 L plastic bottle filled with water and two cases of glass pop bottles. (details based on a real delivery I witnessed yesterday in Gelibolu)
Do you use:

a) two wheeled hand cart
b) hire a horse and cart
c) small 4 door car
d) delivery van with your store's logo on the side
e) scooter
f) small pick up truck

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