Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29 Ankara to Konya

Tuesday night we stayed at the Park Hotel, Ankara.  We didn't arrive until 11 pm and then waited an hour for them to bring bedding for the cot and the pull out couch.  Sam fell asleep in our bed. Johanna ended up sleeping on the floor. Wednesday morning the kids and I hit the pool (outdoor unheated).  Then we had breakfast together and checked out.  Cam dropped us at the Panora Mall. He had a meeting Wednesday afternoon. He picked us up about 4 pm and we drove to Konya. (aka Iconium)

Brr! "You must be from somewhere else.  No Turk would get into water that cold!" said one of the hotel's employees.

We had the 2nd floor pool and deck all to ourselves.  There's a large mosque in the background.

North American fast food is very popular with the Turks.

We ate at KFC; but we usually choose Turkish food over fast food.

Ankara to Konya reminded us of Alberta prairies and foothills.

Enormous quarry - one of many we saw.

Flat valley bottoms.

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