Monday, September 23, 2013

A long delayed post about a long delayed drawing

So to tell this story I'm going to have to rewind about a year, to when I drew a portrait of Loki and a portrait of Nick Fury from Avengers.
Nicole asked me soon afterwards if I would draw her a picture of Thor for Christmas. I said yeah sure, but I didn't find any inspiring photos online and I pretty much forgot about it. 
Fast forward to this summer and Nicole asks me to draw a portrait of Tony Stark. Figuring I kind of owe her for bailing on the last one I say sure. And forget about it for a couple of months.

Finally, about two weeks ago, I decided to draw the picture. But I just couldn't manage to get it going. So fine, I decided, I'll draw her Thor instead. I found a photo I thought would appeal to both her sense of humour and her like of Thor, and this is the result:
So maybe in another year I'll get a drawing of Tony Stark done too.

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