Saturday, September 7, 2013

Two Weeks - so far so good

I arrived back to Turkey more than a little exhausted from three months in Canada.  Our first two weeks back have given us some time to settle and to enjoy the end of Turkish summer.  When we arrived temperatures were in the low 30's and there wasn't enough air conditioning anywhere.  We've all acclimatized a little and the temperature has dropped to high twenties so we're not needing the ac all the time.

Cam has been living at the rig these past two weeks.  He drops in every day or so to do paperwork or run us to town for groceries.  Speaking of groceries, I bought ketchup this week.  If we go to the big city, I can actually buy Heinz which is a familiar brand from home.  However, locally we usually buy Calve brand.  In Turkey, ketchup is available in regular and spicy.  So far I've carefully avoided buying spicy assuming it would be more flavour than our Canadian palates could bear.  So like I was saying, I bought ketchup since we got back.  In fact, I bought two bottles; both "acili". Ooops!  It certainly livens up home fries! The red swoosh under the word "ketcap" is actually a red pepper another flavour clue.

We've really enjoyed the ocean since we returned.  I did a few days of water aerobics and I've been snorkeling with Nicole and Sam.  I didn't really like snorkeling the first couple of times I tried it last year. I had trouble figuring out how to breathe and I found the water depth disconcerting. I've really enjoyed it since we returned though.  I like following the fishes and it gives a purpose to swimming. Speaking of fishes, Cam took me out for lunch this past week.  We ate fish at one of the restaurants at the harbour in Gelibolu.  When we were finished with our meal, the waiter stood beside our table and frizbee'd the left over toast into the sea. Before the fish were finished, gulls swooped down and carried the bread off.

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  1. Hi Susan! Great to read about your + your family's life in Turkey. Did you know; Calvé is a Dutch brand? Yay!