Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

We decided to go out for lunch today. Dad is still at the rig so Mom, Sam, Johanna and I walked over to the cay house in our village.
After we ordered, and sat down Mom sent me back to the house for the big Turkish/English dictionary.

On my way to the house I noticed that Bayram (the caretaker of the village) was unhitching his boat trailer from his tractor. On my way back he was standing in his boat, on his boat trailer. He spoke to me so I stopped, he carried on in Turkish while I nodded and smiled. He said something else, and threw something in my general direction. It landed five feet away from me. Upon closer inspection I found that it was a little silver fish, about as long as my palm, and still gasping. I looked at Bayram, O.K., why did you throw a fish at me? He made a throwing motion, he wants me to set it free? Bayram continued to talk and I tried to screw up the courage to pick up the gasping fish. I couldn't just leave my new friend in the dirt!
I picked up the fish and nodded to Bayram, I pantomimed setting the fish free and he grinned. I grinned back and went on my way. I gave the book to Mom and explained what had just happened. I then went down to the beach and set the fish free.
I then went back to the cay house and sat down.
Presently Bayram came along again and said hi to Mom and my siblings. He asked about the fish and I confirmed that I had released it. Contrary to my fears he seemed to be OK with the fact that I'd set his sardine free.

The End

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