Saturday, March 8, 2014

International Women's Day or How to Get Girls in Turkey

We went to the grocery store on International Women's Day or perhaps it was the day after.  As usual, I sent a girl and Sam down the block to the bakery to buy our weekly loaves.  This gives those two a chance to use some Turkish, pay with Turkish money and saves us a stop after we've finished in the grocery store.  That particular day, it was Johanna and Sam who headed to the bakery.

Nicole and Cam and I went into Kipa.  Cam went one way to fill his cart with water bottles while Nicole and I went together down the refrigerator aisle.  We were separated by a few feet when one of the young men who works at the store came to me with three carnations in his hand.  He gave me one and then headed in Nicole's direction.  I watched him make the presentation and then head towards where Cam was shopping.

How sweet! I thought, the store is giving all the ladies flowers to celebrate International Women's Day. However, when we got to the cash register I noticed that none of the other ladies in the store had carnations ... only Nicole and I.

The young man in the meantime had hidden himself away, so Johanna didn't get a flower when she and Sam returned from the bakery (I gave her mine).  I chuckled all the way to the car where I let Cam and the kids in on the secret.   

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