Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yousef Karsh

So, I've been researching artists from the last couple of centuries as part of a social studies unit.
Today's artist was Turkish born Armenian Yousef Karsh who became a Canadian in the early 1900s.
He was born in Mardin Turkey, but because of the intense persecution of Armenians in that era his family moved to Syria. Two years later he was sent to Ottawa Canada to live with an uncle. He apprenticed to a portrait photographer in Boston and went on to photograph many famous people in images we still use today.

This picture of Winston Churchill is one of the most widely used photographs ever taken.
It was taken directly after Karsh plucked Churchill's cigar from his mouth and walked back to his camera. It should be noted that after this photograph was taken, Churchill said that Karsh could take another picture. In this second image, Churchill is smiling.

A Self Portrait

Eleanor Roosevelt

Grace Kelly posed for Karsh shortly after her engagement to the prince of Monaco.

Emeric (Jimmy) Saska, part of a series of photos taken in the Ford Company of Canada
Emric Saska

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