Saturday, March 15, 2014

Munich in March

I expected snow, instead there were crocuses and a little rain.

We went to Munich for a doctor's appointment for Nicole and expected to be in the country less than 24 hours, so Nicole didn't take her camera.  Because our visit was extended, she took most of the photos we got using my camera.  She got some great shots.

Nicole and I found an opera themed pizza place run by somebody's Italian grandfather.

We took the train which was quite easy and reasonably inexpensive. It had German and English announcements except when it was really important information,  like: we're not stopping at the station the Canadians want to get off at!

Alte Pinakothek Art Museum We saw many paintings by Rueben, Rembrant, Durer and others; some the size of a sheet of computer paper and others 15' wide and 20' tall (at least).

Odeonplatz     Bicycle tour in the square.

Munich Residence - A group of buildings, home to the royal family until 1918.

One gold motif of many from the royal theatre.

More buildings at the Munich Residence.
We went inside this really big baroque style church called Theatinerkirche at Odeonplatz.
Inside the Theatinerkirche

Inside the Theatinerkirche

Inside the Theatinerkirche - a big painting like those in the art gallery.

 In the centre of town there are quite a few streets which are closed to automobile traffic.

Rathaus (town hall)  at Marienplatz




Rathaus Glockenspiel dates from 1908


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