Monday, March 10, 2014

Rabies Protocol in Turkey

What I know so far:

5 injections of vaccine (abhayrab) in a 28 day period at your local government hospital (Devlet Hastane). 

There is no charge.

If you do not return to the hospital for all 5 injections, the hospital says they will send the Jandarma (police) to get you. (We didn't and they didn't.)

Good luck getting the human immune globulin injection which is part of the North American protocol; it is not available in Turkey.  However, they do offer an equine version, if the dog dies. The HRIG or the equine version should be injected into the wound as soon as possible after the bite.

When you go in for the fifth injection, you may be told it is unnecessary because the dog has been checked and is ok.

In North America only four vaccinations are recommended so while this complies with North American standards; this statement is beyond ridiculous.  First of all in our case, no one knows which dog bit Nicole, since there was a pack of five dogs and all three of us were attacked and the owner was not present.  Secondly in a country which is rife with allegations of bribery, pay offs and scandal at the highest level; it seems impossible that we are expected to believe such a statement.  

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