Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Clean Up

June 19 beach clean up work was done in front of our house.  The backhoe and one dump truck moved the mounds of rotting seaweed from in front of the houses on the beach.  We had been told this would happen but had no warning, except Bayram's helper came and asked us to move the car so the dump truck could get down the lane to the beach.  They also had to remove our stairs.

You can get a glimpse of Bayram (he is the live in manager of this site) wearing yellow rubber boots.  His helper is wearing flip flops, a muscle shirt and cutoffs. This is what he usually wears to work through the summer months. I mention it because often we will be sweltering in town and see an observant muslim woman wearing a headscarf, trench coat, slacks and shoes, or a man in a long sleeved shirt, sweater, long dark pants and shoes.

Over the course of a week all the seaweed was trucked away and many dump truck loads of sand were spread along the beach.  They even erected beach umbrellas near the tea house/community centre.

Beach clean up: http://youtu.be/BGu-nRela60


  1. Can's supervision skills are STELLAR ...good job!!

  2. Sorry that should be "Cam's" not Can's" not enough coffee yet this morning it hasn't reached my finger tips...