Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kebap with Remsi

Tuesday evening (June 26) Remsi came to our house and gave Cam a lesson on making and cooking Turkish style "kebap".  These are a mixture of ground beef and lamb, with red peppers and spices.  The meat is pressed around flat metal sticks and grilled over charcoal.  Once the meat is cooked, it is traditionally served inside flat bread with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatos. Remsi also cooked lamb "shish" and lamb chops.  The shish is purchased from the butcher already threaded on wooden sticks ready for the BBQ.

Supper was delicious.  It's amazing to me what adventurous eaters the children are becoming.  None of us care for spicy food, but our definition of spicy has changed since we came to Turkey.

Cam met Remsi through work.  He left for his home in Eastern Turkey today.  I'm not sure if we'll connect with him again because his work is finished here and he speaks no English. He and Cam communicate using Cam's Turkish, hand gestures and facial expressions - it's great fun to watch!

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