Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Bugs Me Most

What Bugs Me Most        

by Susan Murray

I’m not quite sure
Though I’ve thought and thought
What bugs me most
About the bug’s we’ve got.

There’s beetles,
Bees, flies and ants
They creep and wriggle,
squirm and dance.

They come alone
Or one by one
Sometimes in hordes
I see them run

They’re everywhere
 I look I see
A creature looking
Back at me.

The ones I fear
Very most of all
I do not see
Or hear them call.

They lurk and wriggle
In darkness unseen
They haunt my nights
And plague my dreams.

This was inspired by our supper conversation tonight.  Everyone had a bug story to tell - the big ones, the squirmy ones, and the squishy ones. We live in a beach house beside the sea in a very humid climate. We're never very far from a large alien looking creature from the family of bugs!