Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swimming in the Saros

With temperatures in the plus 30's, the ocean is very popular with the kids this week.
It's fun to hang out in the shallows or go to the slightly deeper water at the end of the dock. 
This afternoon a small fishing boat (no photos) tied up to the swim dock and the fisher sold his catch to people from the holiday village.  I tried out the mask and snorkel for the first time today.  Nicole taught me how to use it. It was startling to see the bottom so clearly and I had trouble figuring out the breathing but then I was laughing pretty hard.

Saros Bay Swim Dock

Cay House / Community Centre / Stone Table / Convenience Store

The swim dock with fishing boats in the background

Fishing boat.

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  1. Beautiful! The weather, the swimming the scenery, the kids....all beautiful!