Sunday, June 3, 2012

I said I wouldn't get wet

This morning Byram (the man who basically looks after the village) and some helpers put the slats back on the dock. It's been a metal frame all winter with an old concrete dock sticking out under it. So when Sam wanted to go swimming this afternoon that's where we went.

I didn't want to get wet, I said I'd wade, but not over my knees. The plan worked for a while, I sat on the dock and watched Sam and Nicole snorkle.
Then I got in the water it was nice enough that I stayed and Nicole and Sam chased me through the water, them swimming, me walking. That got me wet to the waist.
After we were done with that game I got back up on the dock. After a while Sam came up too, he was tired of the 'slime' and weeds in the water.
A little bit later he wanted to jump off the dock into the water but wasn't quite sure. So I jumped off, wet to the chest.
Then Sam, Nicole and I all climbed back onto the dock and jumped off and got voluntarily pushed off. Wet to the neck.
Then Nicole suggested jumping off the dock backwards but didn't want to do it first, off I went.
Now at that point on the dock the water is only chest deep. But jumping backwards you don't get the visual cues to catch yourself. So under I went, soaked. My hat came off and I thought I'd lost my glasses for a minute. Silly of me to still be wearing my glasses but there you go.
Thoroughly wet.
 Yes I actually am wet in this picture.
So that's how my plan of not getting wet over the knees went.
Not well.
But I had fun anyway.

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