Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cimpe Kalesi - Part II Worlds Rise and Fall

While we wandered around this site, I found the lyrics from Bruce Guthro's song "Love Lives On"* running through my head: "Worlds rise and fall and come and go".

From its size and strategic location, this must have been an important Byzantine stronghold. Here's Cam's 360 degree video view from Cimpe Kalesi  (Listen to the wind!). You can see both Saros Bay and Marmara Sea (aka Hellespont or Dardanelles) from Cimpe.

But the Byzantines didn't last. Suleman Pasha won Cimpe and in doing so claimed a foothold in Europe for the Ottoman Empire. But even they didn't last. Since 1923 presidents have replaced sultans and a Turkish form of democratic rule has been evolving.

In the meantime this Byzantine castle is slowly disappearing under grass and trees.

*This is the best link I could find for the song.  For my money, Bruce Guthro is a tremendous songwriter and singer. Go to itunes and buy all his albums!

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