Monday, March 25, 2013

There are Mondays here too

We are trying to build some locations. Part of the challenge is upgrading the local public roads which vary widely in construction. Our latest construction project includes roads dating back over 4 regimes, the current republic, the Ottoman empire, the Byzantines, and the Persians before them. It is entirely possible the Apostle Paul walked these roads during his rambling around Thracia and Asia Minor. One stretch on our route would have been old then...

Generally, we try to patch up enough to survive by reshaping and adding stone, or gravel as required.

Today one of our contractors learned one of the ten commandments of dump trucking - namely, Thou shalt endeavor to be on level ground when dumping/spreading material or risk being forever remembered as the guy who laid unit #10 on its' side and bent the frame....

The driver will rue this day for quite a while, he broke several ribs in the incident , and may have internal bleeding...

Coulda been worse, he drove under that 7500 volt 3 phase power line with the box up to get to the spot it flopped over.

(posted by Susan ... photos and text by Cam)