Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cimpe Kalesi - Part III Family Photos

 Some photos of the kids, Cam and I exploring Cimpe.


Sam - It's difficult to tell but we're standing at opposite sides of a narrow peninsula of land overlooking the trench. The wind was blowing so hard it was hard to stand still.


Johanna - This one makes me laugh.  I took this picture.  Cam has the same photo at about the same distance but from another angle!

Susan - Cam and I are on opposites of the trench.  Saros Bay is behind me.

Following the kids.  They told me it was perfectly safe.

At the end of the passageway turn left or right. Be careful not to get your feet wet!

There's a window at the end of this passageway.

Sam going out and towards the light!

Just as I was considering how strong arches are, I made the mistake of looking up!

This rock seemed just right for posing.

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