Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Job Shadowing Cam

     Wednesday I went with Cam to work. First we drove from our house to BB1 so he could check in with the site supervisor.  After we came home, Johanna used Movie Maker to compress the video.  Here's the 6 minute version of that trip.

     After that we went to the D locations so Cam could swap pressure gauges on a couple of wells. The challenge here is to take the gauge off and put it on again without dropping it, the wrench or yourself into the  water filled pit* around the well head. (*It's about 8-10 feet deep and may contain frogs - shudder!)

Cam and the day shift watchman.

After this was finished, Cam spent about 20 minutes transcribing the data collected by the watchman every thirty minutes over the previous 24 hours.  Then we got back into the car and headed for Malkara.

We travelled via Sarkoy so the trip took a little more than an hour. We had lunch there with the surveyor. I made the mistake of ordering soup and doner and couldn't eat it all.  Turkish meals are always served with fresh bread and water.  Doner here unlike home is thinly sliced pieces of meat (lamb) served over a bowl of pilav (rice and small noodles), on top of this was a small pita cut into strips and 4 large soft french fries. I always order Mercimek soup.  It's made from lentils and is commonly available.  It's usually served with a lemon wedge.  It's rare to get a bowl of soup served piping hot here.

After lunch we went with the surveyor back to his office. His office consisted of a room about 20' long and perhaps 12' wide.  Inside there was a desk, credenza, an office chair, a high backed chair, two couches, two arm chairs, a TV, small coffee table and a water cooler. He left the door ajar when we came in. Two men came in while we were there, separately, and shook our hands.  One, Cam told me later, was the surveyor's dad.

After the meeting we tried to get our TOM TOM GPS to direct us to ING Bank ATM.  ATM's here are often in their own little mobile buildings, so it was not a huge surprise to discover that the ATM wasn't where the GPS said it would be. Then we headed for home - however we passed the turn off for home and headed instead for BB1 to check progress there.

We left home about 9 am and gor home abour 4:30 pm. After, we got home, Cam had reports to make and emails to send.  It's not usual for him to spend an hour or so sending emails and completing reports and then some days an hour or two on Skype with the office in Canada which opens about the time we'd like to be having supper and winding down for the evening. Cam's office is in the middle of our living room so we head to other parts of the house when he's working.

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