Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Cam gave himself Easter Sunday off. He worked Christmas and Boxing Day and most of the days between then and now. It was nice to have a relaxing family kind of day at home. 

We watched the last three hours, in two sessions, of Jesus of Nazareth. (We started watching it on Good Friday.  It's more than 6 hours long.)  I thought we'd brought The Gospel of John with us from home and I was looking forward to watching it.  This was a pretty good substitute.  It had some well developed original ideas about the motivations of some of the main characters, especially Judas.

Cam managed a short nap in his new hammock. I made an apple pie in the morning, my first pie in Turkey with a new dough recipe. (No lard or shortening available here.)  I made leg of lamb (now known as "lego- lamb" or just "lego" at our house) with roast potatoes and gravy. It was pretty good.  Cam and Nicole zipped into town after supper and bought ice cream which fixed the pie.  It was a really good day. Just for fun the kids and I dressed for dinner.

Yes Nicole is tall, but LOOK at Sam!

Johanna's gained some elevation too!

It smelled so good!

Pie number 2.  I think this one will be better than the first. I used different apples and watched it very carefully.

Pie number 1 covered in ice cream.

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  1. Hi everyone
    It will be really great to see everyone at Stumpy this summer if you can. Wow everyone looks great and the food too. Miss you