Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Road Trip! (To Ephesus!)

We finally made it to Ephesus! It was really cool trip ☺
I thought I'd put together some of my best/most interesting photos.
Our first morning in Selçuk was market day; and it just so happened that the market started right in front of our hotel. It was a great opportunity to practice my street photography skills. 

A street in Selçuk 

 Dad thought this guy was funny;  he's soldering a handle onto a pot between his knees.
 A man and two ladies sit at a little table on the street to eat breakfast.
I was almost run over by the karate kid on the bike. 

A vendor
On the second day of our stay we took a tour. The tour included the house of Mother Mary, Ephesus, and the Temple of Artemus.
As it turns out I didn't take a picture of the actual house....

The House of Mother Mary

 Statue of  Mary on the road to her house. Our guide told us that the statue is neither old, nor gold; if it was gold, it wouldn't still be there ;)

 The Wishing Wall


 Ephesus is seriously the city of cats, there were cats here and there and everywhere! 

Look at all the people! This is Ephesus on a slow day. 

Our guide
I can't remember what building this is.

 The library

 Out side the gates there were people selling genuine fake watches with a straight face.

 Here is a very poor picture of the largest theater in the world.

 Outside the theater; I'd amazing, the farther you get from it the bigger it seems!
 (I didn't realize that I uploaded the crooked photo until now. Oops)

Really old graffiti

Quotes from out Tour Guide:

"If you want to get on the bus, it's the white one." (That's him with the Blue umbrella)

"It's only three hundred years old."

"[talking about Ephesus's prison] It has a great view but no windows."

The Train Museum in Selçuk

Having a little fun. 

 Sam climbing into a train.

 Look we were here!

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