Sunday, October 6, 2013

Selcuk Bus Tour: Turkish Carpets Part 4

After lunch we headed to the carpet shop.  We had a choice between carpets, leather or pottery.  Our group chose carpets.  There were eleven of us on the bus; a couple from Australia and 4 Chinese young women.

Coccons of silkworms are put into water and the silk is unravelled.  Silkworms are raised in Bursa, Turkey and supplied to carpet manufacturers.

It was fascinating to watch the silk come off the cocoons and to learn how to tell the difference between cocoons with male worms and female worms.  (Female worms have curvy cocoons of course!)

Carpet making is mostly done by women who have the dexterity, patience and attention to detail for the job - according to our guide.

The show room before ...

and after... Every colour and fabric combination - all beautiful. But there were none with the power of flight so we didn't buy.

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