Monday, October 28, 2013

Trailer vs Car

On Thursday, the local guardian of our holiday village tried to squeeze his tractor trailer between our parked car and the neighbours boat/boat trailer.  He stopped his tractor long enough to fold in the mirror of our car and then broke the light and dented the front quarter panel of the car with the trailer. We think the supports under the panel are also broken. Cam was inside the house finishing up work for the day when it happened.

On the upside, one of Cam's Turkish colleagues came and helped with translation and filled out the accident report.  We had expected the local Jandarma to attend, but since there were no injuries; they declined.  The guardian very much wanted Cam to assume responsibility for the accident. Cam's car insurance would pay, he said and it would be no problem. Cam did everything he could to indicate that this was not an option. When Cam's colleague showed up, the guardian asked him to secretly fill out the report indicating that Cam was driving.

Cam has an appointment with the dealership to get parts ordered, tomorrow.  The closest dealership is a ninety minute drive from our home and of course he'll have to go at least twice. I have my fingers crossed that repairs will happen quickly and the insurance claim will be processed without a hitch, but this is Turkey. 

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