Monday, January 20, 2014

Akershus Fortress - Oslo, Norway

Part of the harbour near Akershus Fortress

Sidewalks were snow covered and slippery.

The girls figuring out where we are and where we want to go.

It was possible to walk around inside the fortress, but all the buildings were closed, except the interpretive center.

Oslo is a city of sculptures.

Two doors but how do you use the top one?

This fortress is also used by the Norwegian military - so watch for traffic.

More interesting architecture.

A better view of the waterfront.

Cannon facing the shore.

A WWII captive wrote about his experiences on TP - this art installation at the Resistance Museum (also closed) remembers him.

Soldier keeping a watchful eye.

He must be frozen. It was a bitterly cold day.

Inside the interpretive center we learned about the history of the fortress as a castle and then as a prison.  However these felt covered foam cushions caught my interest.
I also quite liked the block of wood + sheep skin = chair idea.

But the block of wood with rope handles + round sheep skin was good too.

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