Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Bought a Bracelet at the Grand Bazaar!

I was going to post this two weeks ago but I miss placed the bracelet before I could take a picture of it..... BUT I found it!

The same weekend we went to the Dolmabahce Palace, we went to the Grand Bazaar.
Almost as soon as we entered the Bazaar a guy flagged down Dad. Long story short Dad bought a lined leather vest and Mom got a furry hat.
Fast forward about an hour or so:
Johanna wanted to look for weights for her scale so we then headed over to the antique section of the bazaar. We found a little café there so we sat down and had a snack and a drink. They had tasty cake/pie and good hot chocolate.

Once we were done we found a guy who had the kind of weights Johanna wanted. While Johanna shopped Sam and I wandered around. Sam and I passed a small shop with jewelry in the window and two men working in the back. We went to the end of the row and then back tracked, I paused in front of the same shop and one of the men working saw me and invited me in.
When I got there there was only one man in the shop, he showed me what they were making, which turned out to be pendents and little metal halves of beads.
In his limited English he told me about the bracelets he was selling.
I thanked him and left, determined to come back and buy something.
I came back and I decided upon this neat fish bracelet.

 His original price was 30TL but I got it for 25TL :) 
Once I’d paid for the bracelet I asked if I could take some pictures, and he kindly agreed. 
 Smile for the tourist.


"What is she doing?" Seemed to be what he was thinking here.




 Tools of the trade

Phew! So that is a very shortened account of my second trip to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul :)

-Nicole =)

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