Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oslo so far

What I like about Norway:

Clean and efficient
Public transportation:  miss the bus, take the tram or the train or even the metro
When pizza is on the menu it doesn't taste like every other meal I've eaten in Turkey - Italian herbs and spices - yeah!
Snow! And a biting wind that makes it feel like home
My new wool and fur hat doesn't look like over kill
Nobody stares - we just blend in
English! Spoken everywhere by everyone.
Norsk I already know ten words or so!
Ham and bacon for breakfast along with caviar and pâté if your tastes run that way
Ham and cheese on my sandwich at lunch
Ham and mushrooms in my calzone for supper
Maker Faire!
Skis and toboggans on the bus
I could go on and on!

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