Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oslo: A Speedy Overview

Friday January 17 - arrived took the train to city centre and trudged through the snow and dark to our hotel. (2 young women with Google maps on their phone helped us find our hotel)

Saturday January 18 - bought 7 day Router bus/tram pass for everyone.  Took the bus to the Norwegian Teknisk Museum for the first day of Maker Faire.

Met Eric Stackpole of OpenROV  fame and from the cover of Make magazine on the bus and Vendrit an Indian - US trained aeronautical engineer working in wind power generation in Norway. Vendrit was spending the day at Maker Faire.  Eric and Sam talked Lego. (a lady at the metro station helped me buy passes for the bus)

I sat in on a presentation by Stephen and Fritz the Coke and Mentos guys - and caught the last half of Dale Dougherty's presentation "Year of 100 Maker Faires" He had lots of encouragement for hacking your education. If you click on only one link in this post click on this one: 

Sunday January 19 - returned to Maker Faire. I learned to solder and so did each of the kids. I got a chance to look at some of the exhibits in the museum and to hear Eric's OpenROV presentation and one by Erik Thorstensson

The beautiful thing about Maker Faire is talking to the Makers and seeing what is achievable.  While there was a commercial aspect to this event - it was very understated.  Everyone understood that this event is about sharing projects and talking about ideas.
Monday January 20 - Robot and UFF for a little retail therapy, Akershus Castle, Oslo Domkirk Cathedral ( a young woman at the bus stop offered us help when we weren't sure which stop to use)
Tuesday January 21 Norwegian Folke Museum - amazing and enormous, then to the Viking Ship museum, After supper Cam and Nicole bought a waffle maker at the mall.
Wednesday January 22 National Gallery We saw Van Gogh's self portrait, Edward Munch's The Scream (famous but I preferred some of his less famous work),  a couple of Picasso's and Rodin's The Thinker, then to the Kon Tiki Museum where we got to stand beside a replica of an Easter Island "head" and Thor Heyerdahls' boats

Thursday January 23 After a night interrupted by a fire alarm in the hotel (pulled by a drunk we heard), we had breakfast, took the bus to the Central Station, the train to the airport, the plane to Istanbul and the car home. We were in transit 12.5 hours.  It was a long day. (a man saw we were having difficulty figuring out which train to take to the airport and offered his help) (a man in the Turkish restaurant we had supper at  translated my supper request to the waiter - this NEVER happens in Turkey)

Before we left for Norway, I read about how unwilling Norwegians are to help tourists. The two young women who came to our rescue on our first day, even asked if I found that to be true. I have to say that we were well treated in Norway.  People were kind and helpful.  In a couple of instances, people saw us dithering and offered help.  When I approached people for help I always got a kindly helpful response. 

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